Wool Dish Sponge - (Gives to the Wetland Initiative)

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Up your eco dish washing game with our 100% Wool Dish Sponges, 10% of proceeds from manufacturer are donated to The Wetland Initiative who work in restoring wetlands across the nation both independently and in partnership with innovative groups. Wetlands are nature's sponge and our wool sponges are an all-natural option for your kitchen. Wool is naturally antimicrobial, perfect for a sponge and it doesn't shed microplastics onto your dishes and down the drain as plastic-based sponges do. Wool sponges are gentle on your dishes and the environment.

Bonus: once the wool sponge is at the end of its life, it is compostable. The light grey color is practical for long-term use with water or coffee stains, etc. Set of 2, 5" x 5", handmade in New Orleans with South American Wool Felt

How to use/care for: I threw mine in the dishwasher before initial use, it will shrink around 1/4" overall. Wash in dishwasher as needed, it may shrink a little again. Allow to dry between uses & it will shrink a little with use

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