Minimalista: Your Step-By-Step Guide to a Better Home, Wardrobe, and Life

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Elevate your personal style by trimming your belongings and transforming your life, one room at a time, with this visionary interior design book from professional organizer Shira Gill. As a professional home organizer with clients ranging from students to multi-millionaires, Shira Gill observed that clutter is a universal stress trigger. Over the years she created a decluttering process that can be applied to anyone, regardless of their space or lifestyle, and achieves lasting results. Rather than imposing a lack of absence of substance, Shira's method redefines minimalism as the stage of having the perfect amount of something--perfect for you . Now, in Minimalista, Shira shares her complete toolkit for the first time, using her five key steps: Clarify, Edit, Organize, Elevate, and Maintain so you have a strong foundation for the work ahead. Then the reader dives into the hands-on work, choose-your-own-adventure style: knock out a room, or even a single drawer; style a bookshelf; donate a sweater. Shira believes in small victories that, achieved one at a time, start to snowball into massive transformation, and that there is potential in every space regardless of size, location, or budget. Broken into small, bite-sized chunks, Minimalista makes it clear that everyone has the ability to learn the principles of editing and organization if the process is fun and easy to follow.

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