Mini Bonfire Candle

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Our portable, relightable and long lasting bonfires are perfect for creating experiences of all kinds

—Enjoy camping, glamping, tailgating, at the beach or gathering with friends in your backyard, apartment balcony or front stoop.

What makes our Nunya Mini Bonfires special: Our patent-pending bonfire is hand-poured with a soy wax base, we bake in our proprietary wooden kindling design for a quick-lit flame.

Strike a match, light the wood and you’ll experience instant mini bonfire vibes. And cleanup?

Friends, it’s never been easier.

Simply slide the lid over the top of the flame to extinguish and let it cool.

Boom. S’mores and adventures, anyone?


-Portable tins make it easy to use, anytime anywhere -Fast lighting and simple to extinguish

-Marshmallow roasting has never been more convenient and fun! -Environmentally friendly

- 100% natural wood & soy wax -3-4 hours of burntime

-Hand poured in Portland Oregon

Details: 16 oz in volume, 14.5 oz in weight Dimensions: 4”x2.5”

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