Half Baked Harvest Super Simple Cookbook

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ABOUT THIS BOOK By Tieghan Gerard (Author)

Here's what you need to know. Within this cookbook I’m sharing some of my favorite recipes. They are flavorful, colorful, and easy. Some of them are healthy . . . and some have a good amount of cheese. It’s all about balance.

Just because these recipes are super simple does not mean they lack flavor. While these recipes are straightforward enough for everyday cooking, they do not fall exclusively into the ten-ingredients-or-fewer and made-in-under-thirty-minutes categories—though there are plenty of both! Flavor has always been and will always be paramount to me. Of course, I want to share the easiest version of a recipe, but I will not sacrifice taste to make a dish with only five ingredients. That said, some of the recipes included here have more than ten ingredients and some take longer than thirty minutes, but that doesn’t mean the recipe is not “super simple.” If you can throw ingredients into a slow cooker, use an Instant Pot, dump them all in one skillet, or simply pick up a few items from the grocery store to assemble something quick, you can handle these recipes. You’ll definitely be adding these recipes to your weeknight lineup.

You can, of course, still expect all my special “Tieghan touches,” which can range from including an unexpected ingredient or garnishing with herbs or edible flowers. I’m still me—I’m just shorter on time! The extra flourishes not working for you? Skip ’em! Really, you have my permission. Making recipes beautiful and pleasing to the eye is what I’m all about—it’s a priority for me—but, please, take or leave these “extras” as you wish! (I will say, though, if you are looking to up your Instagram game, an edible flower or two is always a good start.)

I’ve organized the book by types of meals and popular main ingredients: breakfast, appetizers and sides, salad and soup, pizza and pasta, vegetarian, poultry and pork, meat, seafood, and last (but certainly not least, not here!) dessert. So, all your basic and most loved food groups, right? I have also included a chapter on my favorite super simple basic recipes because homemade still tastes better—and making meals from scratch doesn’t have to be difficult or a time suck. On these pages, you’ll find slow cooker dinners, Instant Pot recipes, one pan goodness, recipes made with exclusively pantry staple ingredients, recipes with fewer than ten ingredients (not including salt, pepper, or olive oil), recipes that take thirty minutes or less, and some of my best tips and tricks for easy cooking. Whenever possible, I have given slow cooker, pressure cooker, and stovetop options to make the recipes completely adaptable for your needs. Look for the icons at the right throughout the recipe pages.

There is something for everyone here . . . and a photo to go along with it, too.

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