Echoview Wool Dish Sponge Large 8” x 8” Set

Echoview Wool Dish Sponge Large 8” x 8” Set

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An organic and compostable alternative to synthetic dish sponges, as well as a simple zero-waste addition to any kitchen. Wool’s natural antimicrobial and fast-drying properties make it an ideal material for a dish sponge, keeping your kitchen clean and safe. We make these sponges in our mill using out felting machine and wool sourced from US farms. They are cut in our sewing room into four different sizes, and packaged by hand using 100% recyclable paper and twine.

After a few uses, these sponges will felt down further and become more tightly packed but will continue working hard to help keep your home clean for a long time after. You will want to pair it with a loofah or pot scrubber for cleaning jobs that require scouring.

Happy cleaning!

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