Premature Caffeination (Coffee Cocktail)

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We are excited to introduce our newest infusion the premature caffeination!

This infusion mix is a twist on a coffee old fashioned and is so versatile! It can be made as an old fashioned (just add whiskey and drink over ice) or it can be made into a delightful coffee martini.

The chocolate infused organic cane sugar and the marshmallow create a smooth taste that balances out the coffee taste.

This drink mix is absolutely fantastic with creamsicle flavored vodka, pinacle whip cream vodka or can be made with a little rum chata!

The flavor this jar brings is incredible!

Each jar is packed with our small batch dried fruit and marshmallow and filled to approximately 3/4 full to allow room for 24oz of spirits. The longer the jar infuses, the more flavorful it becomes!

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