Brown Sugar Keeper - Handmade

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Makes a perfect house warming or bakers gift.
Comes with instruction card and baggie...

Keep your brown sugar soft and easy to use with the hand made Sugar Shack disk!
This small clay disk fits into almost any sealable container and keeps your brown sugar soft and pliable.
It will even soften rock hard brown sugar that has already turned into a hardened block of uselessness :)

♥INSTRUCTIONS♥ Simply soak the clay disk in water for 15 minutes, pat dry, place it in your Brown Sugar container, and seal it tight!

Each little disk is hand cut and impressed with a cute little house and soft canvas textured background, sanded smooth then kiln fired.

Re-soak every 2-3 months depending on your climate. More arid climates may require re-soak more often.

Handmade from stoneware clay, kiln fired to over 1800°F.
Measures approx 3" in diameter.

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