American Paint Co. - Antiquing Black Wax 4oz.

American Paint Co. - Antiquing Black Wax 4oz.

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The Vintage Antiquing Wax is a completely All-Natural sealer. Unlike other sealers, it doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals and is not a petroleum based sealer. Which means, there is no smell and it won’t leave you with a headache.

If you’re looking for a darker finish on your project, we recommend trying the Black Vintage Antiquing Wax as a technique. Keep in mind that the Darker Waxes should be applied sparingly with a soft brush or lint free cloth.

You can cover your entire piece using the Dark or Black Wax and it will act as a sealer. Or, if you only want to add the Darker Waxes in the detailed areas or corners of your piece, then we recommend sealing your project with the liquid Top Coat first, prior to applying the Dark Wax.

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