Dirty Habit Spicy Margarita

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Our dh spicy marg is filled with fresh dried jalapeño (seeds in for extra spice!), citrus, lime infused organic cane sugar and made with love!
For best results... This spicy little number needs some tequila and a place to chill.
In this mix you will find 3 sugar cubes instead of two! It provides extra sweet to balance the spice.
Add tequila, chill overnight, shake, shake, shake and then follow the recipe below for the best spicy marg you have ever tasted!
2 oz tequila from the jar (chilled and shaken)
3 oz your favorite margarita mix (or make your own by combining 4 oz simple syrup, 1 oz orange juice and 3 oz lime juice and a pinch of salt)
Add up to 20 ounces of your favorite spirits, refrigerate and let the infusion process make the best drink you've ever tasted!
Shake or stir, strain....

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