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Sponsor a rescue Donkey for a Bale of Hay!

NO FEES are taken from The Hidden Acorn, Credit Card processing fees will be covered by The Hidden Acorn.  100% of your donation will be given to The Donkey's Cross at face value.

About Us


We began our journey into animal rescue after seeing the needs of so many homeless animals.  Donkeys are a loving and humerus animal but are often found homeless at no fault of their own.  They live longer than their equine relatives and at times outlive their owners or more sadly outlive their novelty on a farm.  


We focus on making a difference for as many donkey's as possible.  While adoption to a loving family would be ideal we realized early on that adoption would not be an option for many that come to our barn.  given that reality we offer sanctuary to as many as we can so that those that cannot be adopted will have a stable happy life at our sanctuary.

We are 100% donation funded.  Any and all donations are greatly appreciated. We thank you for your generosity.

23 Green Hill Road Bethlehem CT 06751

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